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Asus Slider SL 101

  • What’s the thinnest Tablet PC you can buy right now ?
  • Which Tablet PCs have a keyboard?
  • Which Tablet PCs support USB 3.0 ?

It was questions like these simple (but important) one that got us thinking about how the lack of readily available information that people need can often lead to poor choices for the everyday consumer, who typically doesn’t have the time or patience to spend hours reading a whole range of reviews and visiting several comparison sites for the best product for their needs. We believe a straightforward answer to questions such as these should be readily available and should always be up-to-date. Then, this information needs to be extended into all the features of a product that could be relevant when making a purchasing decision and should be hand-crafted for the best possible experience. Finally, it was a crucial part of our solution to allow comparisons to showcase the the pros and cons of each product and immediately see what the competition offers to make sure the best product is – deservedly – the one that comes out tops. GetTechSpecs is the result of that vision and our Specs-Grid is at the forefront of helping people find the product they need.


Our Specs-Grid is unique in it’s semi-manual, semi-automated process of showing accurate specs data in a human-friendly that’s much more than just a dump of the features a particular product has. It allows you to quickly and accurately narrow down the choice in the market to those products that have the specs you need, then compare features across those products and then see our personalised annotations for additional help.


Finally, we’re still in beta and testing various bits and pieces and we’ve got some exciting new features planned around specs, prices, reviews and much more that’ll help you decide faster and better than ever before. If you have any suggestions and feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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